Andaziar Company

Andaziar Company has established in 1998 as construction company based in Dohuk City-Kurdistan region/Iraq and has registered in Dohuk chamber of commerce, then registered in ministry of planning in 2004.

The establishment was the result of the desire of a group of different specializations Engineers, to ensure the best quality implementation of projects and according to the most famous universal specifications.

Gradually the company activities expanded as per the requirements in the region and the country to cover other sides like trading camping, electrical projects and sports facilities surfaces.

Andaziar Company - General Contracts & Trading

The staff of each one of the above-mentioned departments are working as an integrate team to the other departments staff on such a way that the results come as desired. some of these departments activities covered most on the cities in Iraq.

It is necessary to explain that Andaziar Company is ready to cooperate with any company or agency to serve our region and Iraq in order to bandage the past wounds then to push it ahead to reach level of the most modern countries in the whole of the earth.